Interim Management

Interim Management

"Collaborations do not fail because the will to work together is lacking, but because of a limited perception of one's own weaknesses or a failure to allow for complementary external strengths.”
(freely after Peter Sereinigg )

Restructuring (change management), the establishment of new business lines (business development) or the sale of low-return business lines (divestment) pose considerable challenges. Often the staff capacities or simply a special competence are missing.

With our partner company IES Interim Expert Solutions , we can provide you with experienced, highly qualified experts and managers who have been verified by us to take on demanding tasks in your company for a limited period of time.


"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
(Michael Jordan)

Interim managers are executives in senior or top management who take over management tasks and responsibility for results of the agreed project work for a limited period of time. They leave the company as soon as the problem or project has been solved as a team effort with the employees and completed in a targeted manner.
For the company, this means a considerable increase in efficiency.

What are the essential elements of interim management?

The essential and for your company relevant aspects of interim management are:

  • Time limit
  • Insights of a personality coming from outside
  • Management experience
  • Deployment in the company
  • Elimination of bottleneck situations
  • Complete integration into the hierarchy of tasks and responsibilities within the company
  • Not bound by instructions in the approach to solving the task
  • Authority to issue directives to internally subordinate employ
(Source: Vera Bloemer "Interim Management")

Are interim managers permanent employees?

No. An interim manager is a freelancer and works with or without a provider/agency under a service contract relationship that usually extends over several months.

What is the difference between an interim manager and a management consultant?

In practice, the boundary between a consulting mandate and an interim project can be quite blurred. Nevertheless, by definition we distinguish between the advisory, analytical and conceptual activities of a management consultant on the one hand and the operational, responsible management activities of an interim manager on the other.

What is the difference between interim management and temporary employment?

Apart from the fact that temporary employment is performed as a permanent employee leasing relationship and interim managers are freelancers (even if they are deployed via providers), the level of responsibility and complexity of the tasks differ significantly. A temporary manager usually works at the highest levels of management in top management or as a project manager, while temporary employees often take on commercial or support tasks.

Interim managers

Temporary executives - interim managers - are often the ideal solution for taking on tasks at short notice that cannot be handled by a company's existing team. They assume full operational responsibility and are accountable for results. They help to solve an acute problem together with the existing team. Due to our network and our knowledge of the industry, we are able to provide you with suitable managers or experts at short notice.

Personnel bottlenecks

Companies sometimes run into severe difficulties unexpectedly. Important employees at key positions suddenly drop out or leave the company, the complexity of the challenges exceeds the capacities of the management, a new topic cannot be handled competently. One more woman or man on the bridge would be needed. Responsible management means recognizing this problem and not putting it on the back burner. Interim management is the appropriate solution here, through which the company gains additional capacity without tying itself down for a long time in terms of human resources.

Project management

Complex issues require professional project management. Sometimes the existing human resources are not sufficient for the new task. The lack of experience for the efficient and professional handling of a project can also be the reason for looking for interim management.
We support you in finding the right person who is able to take over the project management and to manage the related project tasks. No matter on which level or at which daily rates: We will find someone who fits you - professionally and humanly.

Turn Around Management

If the earnings figures of a company or business unit are red or even dark red, it is necessary to turn things around and quickly restructure performance-related processes and capital structures. This requires measures that take effect quickly and effectively. Because more often than not there is no second chance. Often, the existing management is stuck in old structures and shies away from breaks in corporate policy. Competent external experts, brought on board at short notice, approach business management necessities unencumbered. They can help to find and mobilize performance potential in sales, order processing and all corporate and service functions. As consultants, we have an excellent track record in this area.

With experience and reliable tools, we help to overcome insufficient efficiencies, liquidity bottlenecks and impending over-indebtedness. On the asset side, we tap potential (e.g. sale and lease back, factoring) and support you in negotiations with creditors (e.g. debt to equity swap).