Our services

Our services

We successfully support and advise companies in Germany and Europe in matters relating to personnel management and strategic focus. Because of our many years of experience in management positions and our industry expertise, we can provide you with long-term strategic solutions.


Personnel consulting

The success of your company stands and falls by your employees, their personalities, their motivation and their know-how. Technology and equipment, on the other hand, are easily replaced and can rapidly become out of date.

You can tell a good employer by his staff

In times like these, when qualified employees are becoming harder to find, it is important to be well positioned as an employer and to develop a clear market strategy.

We support you in the search for staff by approaching suitable candidates in the market directly. Targeted, long-term personnel development will help your internal appointments system to take off. Our coach accompanies and supports your staff when they change jobs. Comprehensive human resource strategy and targeted organisational development allow us to improve the performance and efficiency of your workforce.

We also support you when you need to let staff go in special situations to make sure that the process is amicable on both sides.

Our services in the area of personnel consulting:

We will make it easier for you to connect with high potential individuals, top management and experts in the relevant industries. With our direct search we can open up a much larger recruitment market for you to tap into.

High potentials don't search – they want to be found.
Motivating people to consider a new position when they are actually not actively looking for jobs can only succeed via a well established network or through personal contacts. Whether it is in production/operations, engineering, R&D, purchasing, sales, customer service, personnel, IT, finances/accounting – our specialist expertise allows us to identify the relevant high potentials, managers and specialists quickly and to reach them directly. Our consultants understand your requirements and challenges perfectly and are ideally placed to assess which candidates are most suitable.

We don't work with CVs – we work with personalities.
Our close links with the relevant industries shortens the analysis phase and allows us to identify the most suitable candidates more quickly. Our own search team discreetly approaches the people that we feel would be right for the vacancy in question. We carry out in-depth interviews and, if you wish, compare the candidates' personalities with the requirements profile using a personality test. Ultimately, we select the best candidates to offer you and support you in your choice. In this way, we do what you have asked of us, quickly and successfully, from defining the target group to signing the employment contract.


The advantages of our personnel consulting at a glance:

The result is right – We don't just fill vacancies, we find the candidate that best suits you and the particular circumstances.

You can feel secure – We are familiar with your industry and we know precisely what staff you need. We thus minimise the risk of taking on the wrong person.

You save time – Our industry knowledge helps us to identify the right candidate for you more quickly and to speed up the appointment process.

From A to Z – We make the whole process easier for you, from defining the target group to signing the employment contract.

We add value for you – We know and understand the processes within your company and therefore find not only the ideal personality, but also the best possible specialist or manager.

We offer a guarantee – If the new employee gives in his or her notice during the trial period, it is up to us to find a replacement at no cost to you.

We safeguard your future – We select candidates for you who have development potential, because we want you to benefit from your decision in the long term.

Long-term sustainability – We work towards a long-term cooperation with you as a client, because the trust and familiarity with the company that grows from successfully completed projects is valuable and productive.

HR strategy and personnel development

We will help you and your employees manage and fulfil each others expectations. In addition, we advise you on how to leverage employee skills, likes and competencies in a way that provides the greates benefit to your business. 


The dissolution of employment relationships is usually a great effort. With our outplacement services, we make it easier for companies and those affected to handle the process professionally. The range extends from the preparation of meaningful documents to interview training. We use various instruments and the know-how of several consultants to find a new job for the person concerned as quickly as possible.

Personality test

The personality test helps to ensure applicants’ attitudinal and culture fit with your company and the specific department or team they’ll be joining.

Individual coaching

We support future managers/sales people in recognising and developing their own abilities. Together we work out strengths and weaknesses, personality structure and interaction and derive recommendations for behaviour and communication.


Beyond the classic induction plan, it is important to accompany employees when they start in a new job in order to ensure rapid integration into an organisation. This ranges from relocation services to job offers for the partner to individual training. With the experience gained from many successful placements, we can provide our clients with targeted support in designing the onboarding process.

Work 4.0

The digital changes that are taking place on a global scale bring us not only opportunities, but also risks. For example, disruptive innovations replace continuous improvement. At the same time, societal demands and values are changing. We face the challenges of atypical employment relations as well as the shortage of skilled workers due to demographic change. 


Business consulting

When the structures or overall conditions in a company or individual corporate divisions change or are actively to be changed, it is helpful to bring in neutral, competent support. An outsider's view can often throw new light on a situation.

The view of an experienced external consultant can expand the inner horizon
Companies are not static – they are constantly developing, and with this process, the employees and their functions change too. Depending on whether your company is currently expanding, consolidating or preparing to adapt structurally to new situations, new challenges will arise. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can examine the general factors impacting your company and walk with you along the development path that you have chosen.

Our services in the area of business consulting:

Corporate strategy

As a partner for entrepreneurs and investors we develop business plans and accompany their realization from market analysis to - if neccessary - due diligence in M&A processes. With the critical eye of a market expert, we analyse the market environment and work together with you to develop your corporate strategies.


Digitalisation of business processes

In the coming years, cross-company digitalisation will be one of our core economic tasks in order to remain globally competitive
We will work out an individual digitalisation strategy with our clients and help them to implement it, while supporting them with professional change management.

Site analysis

Our analysis of business and technical processes creates a solid foundation for defining business ambitions and relevant benchmarks as well as for due diligence processes. 

Product and portfolio expansion

We can help you to identify and analyse the market potential to expand your current portfolio of products or to complement the distribution channels.

Competitive analysis

With our experience and industry knowledge we analyse your key competitors in order to enhance unique selling propositions.

Process analysis

Within our process analysis we carry out comprehensive value stream mapping in your company and highlight where there is potential for improving your productivity and effectivity by introducing lean manufacturing processes e.g. CIP, 5S, TPM or others.

Resource Management

Under consideration of the entire value chain we support companies in their strategic development and strategic execution of innovative and sustainable provision and recycling concepts.


Interim Management

Since 2011 - in cooperation with IES Interim Expert Solutions - we have supported highly qualified and experienced experts, managers and leaders to clients in need of assistance for a limited period of time.

Interim Management: With full force toward new successes!

Our focus here lies in the industries of paper, packaging and plastics. All our interim professionals have many years of experience - from within and outside these industries. This enables us to supply competent interim professionals for companies in many different industries.

Our experience in serving core industries in small- and medium-sized companies as well as in multi-nationals enables us to provide experienced interim professionals quickly and with the flexibility you need - with low administrative effort and with clear cost structures.

The experience level of our interim professionals reduces the time and effort required to induct them into your organization, and means they'll be productive and adding value faster - for as long as you need them.

And here's another advantage: your company need not worry about their social security, pension or other costs of permanent employment. 


The advantages we offer you:

We have the industry expertise that you can rely on.
With the industry expertise that we have acquired over decades, we can provide you with truly sustainable solutions more quickly and efficiently.

With many other management consultancies, the support ends after the analysis and you are given no further advice or assistance during the implementation phase. 

We take the next steps together with you!

Our consultants are personally committed to achieving lasting success for you - which is why our clients have been trusting us for so many years.