About us

About us

Since more than 20 years BGH-Consulting stands for professional consulting of companies in the areas of HR Consulting, management consulting, interim management and operations.
Initially focused on the paper industry, the spectrum of clients has continuously expanded to include the related industries of plastics, mechanical engineering, process chemicals, printing and packaging.

The original focus on HR Consulting was successively expanded to include the fields of process analysis, strategy consulting, digitalization, location analysis and M&A.

The six consultants of BGH-Consulting have many years of experience in the industries we serve and they complement each other in their individual experiences. A qualified team in back office and talent acquisition guarantees success. For special requirements, selected cooperation partners are available for the areas of potential analysis, coaching, SME financing, labor- and corporate law, succession planning and market intelligence.

Consultants / Partners

Joachim Frantzen

Managing Director & Partner at BGH-Consulting.
Degree in precision engineering
26 years of management experience in plastics processing and injection moulding, printing technology, process engineering (LEAN), electrical engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, and automotive industries
Former technical managing director, SVP industrial engineering, vice president of operations, plant manager and director project and supply chain management in international companies

Andreas Bauer

Managing Director & Partner at BGH-Consulting.
Degree in business administration
Over two decades of management experience in the area of HR, sales and organisation in the
mechanical and electrical engineering, packaging and IT sectors
Head of production and materials logistics, collective power of attorney in mechanical engineering, commercial director, managing partner, managing director of sales and HR Managing partner at BGH-Consulting

Kai Pöhler

Managing Director & Partner at BGH-Consulting.
Degree in process engineering and industrial engineering
Over 25 years of experience in the paper and nonwovens industry
Head of order processing and project planning in the area of special paper machines
Global responsibility for sales, marketing, strategic planning and R&D in the nonwovens sector
Many years of experience on the board of non-profit organisations
Managing partner at BGH-Consulting

Dr. Hans-Georg Rottenegger

Senior Consultant and Partner at BGH-Consulting.
Degree and PhD in economic and social sciences
Experience in paper manufacturing and automotive supply industries, non-profit organizations, sanitation, heating and air conditioning
Former unit manager, vice president, European management team member, and managing director of an international research foundation
Senior consultant and partner at BGH-Consulting

Christoph Lessig

Senior Consultant and Partner at BGH-Consulting.
Degree in process engineering, paper and plastics processing, and printing technology
Over 30 years experience in the printing technology, electrical engineering, chemical industry, paper and pulp industry as well as bio and environment technology
Sales and marketing manager, including technical and technological customer service for international chemical companies with the headquarter in Europe
Senior consultant and partner at BGH-Consulting

Harald Heine

Senior Consultant at BGH-Consulting.
As co-founder and senior consultant, Harald Heine will continue to support us with his many years of experience in an advisory capacity even after his official retirement from the operational business.
Harald Heine studied business administration in Germany and the USA and subsequently concentrated entirely on the plastics and paper industry. For 20 years he gained international management experience in sales and marketing. Before joining BGH-Consulting as managing partner in 2003, he was a member of the board of Zanders Feinpapiere AG, where he was responsible for sales and marketing and the Gohrsmühle mill. For several years, he also served on the board of the Association of German Paper Mills on an honorary basis.

Andreas Päch

Partner at BGH-Consulting.
Studies in process engineering paper production. Over two decades of management positions in the paper industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Many years of experience in technology and manufacturing responsibility in the field of graphic and specialty papers. Europe-wide marketing & engineering and sales support responsibility in the field of paper machine clothing and functional roll covers for a globally active supplier.

HR Consulting

The right employees build the core of every successful company. We help you to find the right people. To guarantee long-term success for your company, we not only deal with acquisition and filling a vacant position. In a holistic approach, we develop a strategic basis and support you in your personnel and organizational development. This includes all areas of personnel management.

Management Consulting

Growth and business success require clearly defined goals, in-depth market- and industry knowledge and functioning processes. Our experience and industry expertise have grown over decades, enabling us to develop sustainable, strategic solutions for you. With market- and competitive analyses and a close look at location, company and processes.

Interim Management

Whenever a major change happens - such as a restructuration, the establishment of new business lines, the sale of a company or a sudden, temporary vacancy - there is often a lack of personnel capacity, of a special competence or simply of trustworthy support from outside for the transitional period. With our partner company IES Interim Expert Solutions, we can provide you with a suitable interim manager who has the skills and knowledge that you need in your company at this time.


In times of changing framework conditions, alternative perspectives and implementers are needed. Experienced people who work out unbiased alternatives together with you, make decisions with you and support you in the implementation in a trusting and goal-oriented way.
This is what BGH-Operations stands for.

Consultant Principles

We work strictly adhering to the following principles:

We act in an entrepreneurial manner

Our actions are responsible, characterized in every respect by our entrepreneurial attitude and in the interests of the customer, to whom we devote all our efforts.

Long-term oriented

We identify with the companies and tasks of our customers. This is because we strive for a long-term, personal and thus efficient cooperation.

We work independently

We know what we are doing - through clearly defined processes and the self-understanding of our consultants we relieve our customers in the assigned projects.

Our expertise

We operate in specialist areas in which we are at home. That's why we understand our customers' requirements. Our results are spot on.

Written agreements

Everything we do for our customers is agreed in writing beforehand. We adhere to this, in the sense of traceability, transparency and absolute reliability, also in the form of regular communication.

Our performance is calculable

We work on the basis of fixed fees. This means that what we do is result-oriented and calculable for our clients.

In the interest of our customers

In everything we do for you, our focus is on protecting your interests. We represent them both internally and externally.

Discretion is a given

We advise our customers in the industries we are familiar with.


All our consultants are specialists in their field and have proven this over decades in responsible positions. We do what we know.

Industries in which we are experts (in alphabetical order):

  • Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing
  • Nonwovens and technical textiles
  • Packaging: folding carton, corrugated board, displays, labels, flexible packaging, glass, plastic, metal
  • Paper finishing, paper processing and paper trade
  • Paper manufacturing and cardboard production
  • Plastics manufacturing and processing
  • Printing media and inks
  • Process chemistry
  • Pulp and fiber
  • Starch

For references, please contact us personally.