"Ruin and recovering lie close to each other.”
(freely adapted from Epictetus c. 50-138 A.D.)

In times of changing framework conditions, alternative perspectives and implementers are needed. Experienced people who develop unbiased alternatives together with you, make decisions with you and support you in the implementation in a trusting and goal-oriented manner.
This is what BGH-Operations stands for.

Our services in the area of operations:


Crisis consulting


Corporate crises have nothing to do with a lack of entrepreneurial ability. Markets change rapidly. General conditions can change abruptly. Unexpected political developments such as the Ukraine war and its consequences can suddenly make energy unaffordable. In such situations, we can help with an unbiased view from the outside to discover and develop your company's potential or - if it is unavoidable - to initiate an orderly closure of the business. We have accompanied many companies on difficult courses and helped them to find the best possible economic solution. Our competencies - especially in the chemical and paper industry - are based on our market expertise. We know what is possible and what needs to be done to solve economic problems.



Often, economic difficulties are so great that they cannot be overcome with on-board resources. Painful cuts are necessary to get the company back on track during a turnaround. We offer you our expertise and the unbiased view from the outside to plan and implement the sometimes painful steps in a reorganization. We talk to creditors, to whom we can credibly present your company's potential based on our knowledge of the markets, and we work with you and your commercial banks to develop viable financial concepts for solving the problems. We also help you to bring the social partners along on this journey. We do everything with the aim of securing and continuing the existence of your company.


Insolvency proceedings

It is the last, sometimes inevitable step in the life of a company: insolvency. It involves the cessation of business operations and the physical liquidation of real estate and assets. Here, you can not just close the door behind you. Creditors must be served, inventories and equipment must be liquidated, and chemicals must be properly disposed of. In addition to complying with regulatory requirements, some of which are extremely extensive, especially in the case of manufacturing companies, the question arises as to whether the existing assets can still be marketed profitably.

There are numerous dubious providers on the market who offer the supposed all-round carefree package for site liquidations for an initially convincing fixed contract. Often the existing assets are being gutted, the disposal is not handled professionally and the company or its creditors are cheated out of millions. With our expertise, we offer you the chance of a regulated liquidation that makes economic sense. We, as engineers and businessmen, know the legal framework, develop individual technical solutions and have the economic interest of our clients in mind. We have proven our expertise in major projects, such as the liquidation of the paper manufacturer Zanders. Substantial quantities of the remaining process chemicals could be sold to the manufacturers or to a secondary market, and only a small remainder had to be disposed of properly. We also stay until the end.