Our consultancy team

When you come to us, you'll be welcomed by a friendly, expert team who will deal with all your wishes and questions with absolute dedication.

BGH-Consulting is made up of six partners whose specific industry knowledge and management experience is mutually complementary and who are pleased and proud to use these skills for BGH–Consulting's clients.

Lutz Bogner

Lutz Bogner

Degree in Process Engineering, Paper Production and Business Engineering 
Managing Partner at BGH-Consulting

"A sustainable network, a high level of mobility and excellent communications – these are the key criteria for successful personnel consulting. These are the guiding principles that form the central success factors supporting us in our day-to-day work."

Lutz Bogner has many years of extensive industrial experience in the paper and chemical industries – on both the technical and the commercial side. After obtaining a degree in Process Engineering, Paper Production and Business Engineering, he worked as Divisional Manager, Purchasing, at a paper group and then as a director of a subsidiary of a multinational chemical corporation.

Harald Heine

Harald Heine

Degree in Business Management in Germany and the USA
Managing Partner at BGH-Consulting

Harald Heine comes from a Hanseatic business family whose philosophy for life is based on a willingness to take risks in business. "Buten un binnen, wagen un winnen" - Outside and in, risk it and win - This delight in independence, coupled with great creativity and a degree of pragmatism, has always been what motivates him. For him, it is not the best theory that counts; instead, it is absolute perseverance in practice in order to achieve the desired goal, even this often means adopting new approaches.

Harald Heine studied business management in Germany and the USA before concentrating completely on the plastics and paper industry. Over 20 years, he gained international management experience in sales and marketing. Before joining BGH-Consulting as managing partner in 2003, he was a director at Zanders Feinpapiere AG responsible for sales and marketing and for the Gohrsmühle plant and was an honorary member of the board of the Association of German Paper Factories for a number of years. His motto: "If the worm is buried deeply, then you have to dig deeply for it".

Dr Hans-Georg Rottenegger

Dr. Hans-Georg Rottenegger

Degree in Economics and Social Sciences
Senior Consultant and Partner at BGH-Consulting 

"Sustainability, process knowledge and dedication are what make the difference in personnel management, both for the employer and for us as service-providers."

Dr Hans-Georg Rottenegger is an economist and social scientist with over 25 years of experience in the field of personnel management. Within this field, he has worked for group organisations with up to 7,000 employees and various locations in Germany and abroad.

His international career has taken him, as divisional manager, vice president and international director in non-profit organisations, into paper manufacturing, the automotive supply industry and the field of heating, sanitary and air-conditioning.

Joachim Frantzen

Joachim Frantzen

Degree in Precision Engineering
Senior Consultant and Partner at BGH-Consulting

"My motto, "Good teamwork makes dream work", has regularly motivated and inspired my teams and me to perform to the highest standards of excellence.
Outstandingly good teamwork is also an absolute essential for a successful business consulting company like BGH-Consulting."

Joachim Frantzen has a degree in Precision Engineering. After studying in Munich, he gained wide-ranging international experience in a number of management positions in technical, production-related operations. He has concentrated in recent years mainly on the development and implementation of local and global strategies to optimise and standardise the entire value-creation chain with the focus on production. The introduction and application of lean methods have been a particular highlight in his career.

He has more than 25 years of management experience in the field of plastics processing, printing, process and systems engineering, electrical engineering, equipment and machine engineering, the paper industry and the automotive supply industry. Most recently, he worked as SVP Industrial Engineering in an international industrial group.

Andreas Päch

Andreas Päch

Degree in Process Engineering, Paper Production
Senior Consultant and Partner at BGH-Consulting

"The best recipe for a successful management style is the right mixture of authenticity, self-confidence and social skills. Our goal is to constantly reinvigorate this synthesis and to offer our clients targeted, customised solutions at all times."

Andreas Päch worked and consolidated his position in the paper industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for over twenty years. During that time, he held a range of specialist and management positions – from long-term technology and manufacturing responsibilities in the area of graphic and special papers through to European marketing and engineering, plus sales support responsibilities in the field of paper machine clothing and functional roller coverings for a global supplier.

This vast wealth of experience and knowledge means that he understands precisely the needs of our clients and is thus able to develop individual solutions.

Dr Monika Kopra-Schaefer

Monika Kopra Schaefer

Degree in Forestry
Senior Consultant and Partner at BGH-Consulting

„In times of constant change and apparently increasing challenges, ever-changing conditions and markets as well as increasing lack of skilled labor it is more important than ever to set the right course, to make the right decisions – and most importantly – to do this with the right people internally as well as externally. This is where we come in with our broad industry competencies and experiences – as a sparring partner for our customers be it for entrepreneurial topics or in helping to find the right partners or employees.”

Monika Kopra-Schaefer is an experienced General Management persona, originating from Finland who moved to Germany after her A-levels to study at the university. She comes with over 25 years of international management and leadership experiences in the wood-processing paper industry and in the plastics- and metal-processing packaging industry in large international corporations as well as in German larger medium-sized businesses. Previously she was CEO of a medium-sized growth-oriented packaging manufacturer. From 2012 to 2016 she was president of the "European Tube Manufacturers Association (ETMA)".

In her career to date in industrial enterprises with a strong technical focus she was able to gain broad insight in the processes and success factors of organizations and companies – market oriented (externally) as well as internally. Her strengths are leadership, organizational development and her knowledge of human nature, she focusses on strategic company management as well as marketing & sales in the international B2B market of serial-production companies in the packaging industry for the markets of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food/non-food industries.

Karin Münzenmaier

Karin Münzenmaier

Trained as a qualified bank clerk, obtained advanced Diploma in Banking (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry), trainer training
Consultant at BGH-Consulting

"I'm convinced that everyone can produce outstanding achievements if they are used on the basis of their abilities.
Becoming aware of these abilities, encouraging, training, developing them and putting them to good use is my personal objective."

After training in banking, Karin Münzenmaier completed her advanced Diploma in Banking ((German Chamber of Commerce and Industry)) and then worked as a lecturer at the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Frankfurt and Munich. In parallel, she trained as a trainer and alternative practitioner in psychology, completed the Master Insights MDI and is an accredited ASSESS consultant.


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